Lootcase ( 2020 ) Review

Life takes a surprising turn for a print machine staff member, Nandan Kumar (Kunal Kemmu), whenever he risks upon a folder case loaded up with money sitting on a soiled road. Considering this to be a window to a superior business, Nandan takes it home.
Yet, the cash is large and searchers galore. Will this be the finish of his burdens or the start of new distresses?
An exhausted tiffin swinging from his shoulder, a thankless work environment, a pestering spouse at home and a child who wouldn't stop with his requests – Nandan Kumar is one of the numerous million countenances suffocating in the weight of his working class life. Be that as it may, a major, lustrous red bag – or 'lootcase', as they might want to call it – comes as a hint of something better over the horizon and he realizes he would be stupid to release this one.
Along these lines, prior to grasping it, he makes this fairly a guileless declaration: "Last time poonch rahaan hoon, kiska bag hain?" Once Nandan acknowledges there are no takers, off he goes! In any case, the man is a chawl inhabitant and his neighbors are a lot of loud, annoying individuals.
What's more, his better half? A 'poojari's beti' who wouldn't acknowledge this unwanted visitor in spite of the fact that she's continually giving him anguish over the family's desperate monetary circumstance.
Also, the way that the cash was taken from a first class government official, who was getting it hand conveyed to another first rate legislator's better half through a posse of hooligans, doesn't help all things considered.
Rajesh Krishnan's 'Lootcase' is a parody, a realistic stareback at a helpless man's voracious extinguish for abundance set in opposition to a rich man's fixation to gather as much as possible – by reasonable or out of line implies.
The plotline is interest embodied; given. Also, has all the fixings needed to concoct the ideal dull satire stock – those boisterous articulations, all around planned and painstakingly positioned jokes and, obviously, the stool jokes… Always the stool jokes!
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